Travelling a lot of times in Milan the last 2 years, we have met many interesting people, and many of them have become our friends.

The funny fact in our story it is that the times when we are discussing with locals about the food and gastronomy of Greek and Italian cuisine. Italians found as deliciously the Greek cuisine as Greeks the Italian cuisine.


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The last time that we visited Milan, some of our friends recommended us a Greek Restaurant that is considered one of the best cuisine in the central of Milan. “Vasiliki Kouzina Restaurant”  which is one of the best Greek restaurants in Milan, and we are not going to suggest it without first taste it.

The first impression was really enchanting! The very special interior design based in Greek philosophy, and the fact that the restaurant was full of people ready to taste the Greek gastronomy, convinced us to have a sit and try, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere accompanied by lounge music.

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What about the Menu? A variety of upgraded Greek dishes with great ingredients and a selective wine list, with some of the best wines of our country, upgrade this Restaurant to the To-do-list!


The next time you’ll travel in Milan, don’t forget to visit “Vasiliki Kouzina” and I am pretty sure that you will love it! Exploring new places and tasting new cultures is something that lasts in memory. This is the most important!

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The Restaurant is in Via Clusone 6 and it’s open every day except Tuesday.

You can find the menu and all the details here!