Who says that greek islands are only for summer vacay?

As you have seen on my instagram account I choose hydra for my short trip and in only 2 hours away from Athens by boat I found myself in an extraordinary and beautiful destination. Natural background, bright blue sea and a romantic mood was the perfect scenery for my very special friend and me 😉 (too early to talk about him).

Hydra is not as boring as you expect during winter. Traditional restaurants , beautiful white houses, cobblestones suitable for kisses and of course not to forget the life without cars ,since in hydra cars are not allowed by archaeologists, makes this island the perfect destination for a trip.

IMG_5699 (1)


The highlight of the trip was a surprise from him to me. Walking down the streets of the island ,I saw two horses and as a horse lover I came closer to them. It was the moment that I realize that my bf had already booked a horse ride for two. The end of the horse riding find us in a church with a panoramic view of the island just in time to enjoy the perfect sunset of greek islands.


Ok, it will be a huge lie if I don’t tell you that I ate a lot . I was desperately searching for a very traditional plate so as never to forget this island , but in fact there wasn’t something more tradiotional than fresh fishes and the greek cuisine.

At the end of this trip I decided that I have to travel more in my life, even if it is just for 2 days and that I don’t have to search for ‘’the” destination since this one can be just a couple of hours away from home.


Apostolos Arsenios Panagiotidis